Vote Fudge Kitchen – Artisan Producer of the Year

This year we are getting involved with Produced in Kents ‘ The Taste Awards ‘ and we would love you to vote for us to win The Artisan Producer of the Year . Next year we are celebrating our 30th Birthday and also opening our very first Fudge Kitchen Emporium and would love to celebrate by winning the Award.

Why Vote for Fudge Kitchen?

Next year is our 30th Birthday of producing  our famous American style slab fudge. Using the finest all natural ingredients and no preservatives, each creamy slice of our delicious fudge is lovingly handworked which is why it tastes so melt in the mouth delicious. We have developed over 30 flavours of fudge, a range of luxurious Fudge Sauces and a devilishly different hot chocolate Drinking Fudge which are all as tantalisingly delicious.

Do you agree? Vote for us Here!

The Taste of Kent Awards 2013 are now open. Please show your support for your local food heroes by voting and recognising the `Best in Kent ‘

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