Wedding Fudge!

Weddings; the prosecco is flowing, children are laughing. Somewhere there’s probably a haggard looking wedding planner having an argument with their headset as to the whereabouts of the true centre piece of any wedding; the cake.

The ritual of the wedding cake in Britain can be traced back to medieval times, when it would have been made of wheat and, bizarrely, thrown at the bride as a symbol of fertility. Now that’s something I can get on board with. Fire at will!

But it was good ol’ Queen Vic and Albert that refined the cakes into a more elegant affair. Affluence is fleeting though and wartime rationing rather limited wedding cake options. Resourceful bakers took to using gravy browning to make fruit cakes look richer.

Fast-forward another 75 years to our whacky and wonderful 21st Century where imagination knows no bounds. From a red velvet, candy surprise galaxy cake to a carrot cake that is actually part of the bride’s skirt. (This was a thing that happened, I saw it on the internet). The array of choice is so overwhelming no one would blame you if you called the wedding off altogether.

Never ones to leave you in the lurch, Fudge Kitchen have a solution. FUDGE! Yes, that is our answer to everything and no we are not sorry about it.  Here at Fudge Kitchen we cater to all wedding budgets and palettes! From pretty little wedding favours beautifully finished with ribbons and wax twists to an entire wedding cake masterfully created from fudge.  Perfect to scoff down with your 8th -11th glass of prosecco.


For more inspiration, take a look at all the fantastic flavours that we do:

The choice of whipping cream or gourmet butter fudge is yours. But if nothing there quite tickles your fancy, we can even create a bespoke flavour for you. It’s your special day after all! Plus, it is as easy as, well, cake to make our gluten or dairy free fudge. Everything in our range is available in the wedding package – from our chocolate dipped fudge sticks and drinking fudge to our gourmet miniatures.

What about my dream of having a pirate theme for my wedding I hear you cry?! Never fear! We are here with you every step of the way; from the customising of flavours (rum and raisin anyone?) to bespoke labels and gorgeous finishing touches. Aye, that’ll do.


Every wedding is unique and we understand that every budget is too. With such a customisable array of products, why not say “I do” to Fudge Kitchen and get in touch for a quote on your bespoke wedding fudge!

For more information, please contact the lovely Car, our fabulous Wedding Co-Ordinator.

Hemsted House, Woodland Road, Lyminge, Kent CT18 8DL, UK

Telephone: 01304 842 924



written by Vicki Shadbolt

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