Staff Spotlight #2: Our Tia

Bath's Tia Hancy

Bath’s Tia Hancy

In the second of our new blog series celebrating the famously fabulous fudgeteers that are the backbone of Fudge Kitchen, we are pleased to introduce one of the smiliest women you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet Tia Hancy: queen of the Bath Fudge Kitchen shop, roving fudge ambassador and general fudge-making marvel.

With the Bath Christmas Market in full flight now until 11th December and the Bath team calling both a wooden chalet there and the Abbey Churchyard shop home, as well as tastings and demos going on in stockists across the UK in the run up to Christmas, Our Tia is a moving target, but pin her down we finally did; and discovered that she’s got a Zombie Apocalypse covered from the snug of her local pub, armed with a wooden spoon. No need to watch your backs, Doomsday Preppers,…!

Bath Fudge Kitchen

Bath Fudge Kitchen

  1. Name? Tia
  2. Position? Ah, whatever anyone wants me to do really, which is mainly sell all the fudge!
  3. Location? Bath
  4. How long have you worked at FK? 5 years, I think?
  5. Favourite flavour? Sticky toffee pudding.
  6. Favourite FK product? The fudge, in my opinion it’s getting better and better, its truly delicious!
  7. What do you like about your job? That I get to meet so many lovely people that work for the company, and have a fun time whilst working? Yes fun whilst working! We do retail well.
  8. Favourite activities when you’re not at work? I dance, like a lot, I also teach young adults how to do it, keeps me fit so I can still carry on living the fudge lifestyle.
  9. Tell us something that might surprise us about you? I did the Spartan race to raise some dollars, I lifted a 30kg ball of concrete and walked a little way with it, I’m 5ft 1inch (just under), I’m still surprised at myself to be honest.
  10. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? My nanna Gin (she’s really called Jean, but you get the gist), she’s the nan that will stay up until 3 in the morning listening to records and she occasionally teaches me how to jive, depending on the gin intake.
  11. What kind of music do you listen to? Ah, I’m a dance teacher I have to listen to all sorts, but my go to is Magic FM, anything they play.
  12. What’s your favourite TV programme? Master Chef. I just love foodie things really.
  13. If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? Yorkshire puddings, sweet and savoury.
  14. Dog or cat person? Dogs, cats look at me funny.
  15. Motto or Personal Mantra: “it’ll be reet”, everything always works out in the end.
  16. How long is a piece of string? However long I need it to be.
  17. If you could sell fudge to any person alive or dead who would it be? Patrick Swayze.
  18. What is the most overrated film of all time? Frozen, I like it, don’t get me wrong, but comonnnnn. Tangled is way better.
  19. Star Wars or Star Trek? Trek.
  20. In the event of a zombie apocalypse where would you run to and what would be your weapon of choice?  The pub back in the village my family live in, I can drink Taddy lager, it’s the smallest pub in the world and I imagine it would be exactly like the scene in Shaun of the dead. Weapon of choice, the wooden spoons we use.
  21. Who would play you in a film of your life?  Dawn French.

Thanks Tia!


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