The last thing you want to do is fudge your wedding day … or is it?

007So proud are we of our ravishing and much expanded bespoke wedding range, that we recently 017devoted an entire day to photographing it in the gorgeous surroundings of one of Kent’s most popular wedding venues, The Secret Garden.

Tables groaned under piles of favours, in infinite glittering packaging options and flavours. Triple tiers teetered with hand made brittles, fudges and caramels. Spectacular centrepiece fudge sculptures, studded with fragrant fresh flowers, towered over the decadent scene; while chilled champagne glasses bubbled lazily, alongside gilded individual boxes packed with personalised fudge flavours. It’s a bummer of a job.

Suffice to say, if Willie were to get married, he and Mrs Wonka wouldn’t be disappointed.

052Do me a favour …!

Don’t mind if we do. We’re confident that we can create personalised favours to complement any theme, colour, size, budget, palate and wedding vision; and add a unique finishing touch in the doing that will mark your big day out and thank your guests for making it so special.

A mix and match kaleidoscope of cellophanes, boxes, ribbons, flowers and personalised tag options awaits. Over forty flavours of fudge are standing by, all hand made to a traditional core recipe dating back to the 1830s, and now including an incredible new Elderflower and Lemon recipe. We thank you, Meghan and Harry!057

With orders of over 60 slices, we can even create your own designer flavour – maybe combining the couples’ favourite foods (perhaps not if they happen to be Marmite and Raspberries, although our fudge technologists are always game for a challenge).

So, will it be a trio of butter fudge treats nestled in a silver box? A fresh-whipping cream slab wrapped in shimmering cellophane gathered by coordinating ribbon, themed bags of award-winning brittles or caramels, or individual squares with a decoration of your choice – from hearts to initials …? Dairy-free … gluten-free … vegan ….? Nothing fazes our fudgeteers!

Bored to tiers …?061

Looking for an alternative to the passé cake idea, perhaps? We’ve got that nailed too.

How about a show-stopping tower of handmade fudge, in a size and flavour combination of your choice? Or even a bespoke flavour of your very own? Again, through bitter (literally) experience, we’d counsel against Marmite!

032Each slice has been handmade, using all natural ingredients and the traditional technique of ‘slabbing and loafing’ on marble counters to ensure the supremely smooth creaminess that is the FK signature. And will be sent boxed to you with instructions on how to create a stunning central sculpture that will be discussed for years to come. Because, let’s face it … there is an unspoken wedding agenda of not just keeping up with the Joneses, but laying them to waste!

Give us a (wedding) bell …043

A wedding should be personal. It should be unique. It should reflect the couple. It should ooze ‘exceptional’. We get that. So before you exchange rings, give FK’s resident wedding advisor one.

You’ll find Anna, and a wealth of suggestions, advice and creative ideas, waiting by the phone on 01303 864400 or by the inbox at

How it’s done …


Degree-specific molten fudge is poured from copper pots onto marble counters to be hand worked into a creamy King (or Queen) of Confectionery

slabbing and loafing the cooling fudge into a creamy "baguette'

“Slabbing and loafing” the cooling fudge into a creamy “baguette’

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