Our Guide for a Magical Winter Wedding

Did you know that those who marry in November are said to be the ‘most content’ and those that choose December, for their big day, are the ‘most romantic’?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the planning stages so we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite Kentish businesses, including florists and make up artists, to curate our 9 tips for the perfect winter celebrations.

  1. Get sparkly

Let’s start with one of our favourites! Sparklers make for stunning outdoors photographs. But be sure to keep your guests warm!

  1. Keeping your guests warm

Why not offer a hot drink between your ceremony and reception? From hot chocolate to our warming Drinking Fudge. Enjoyed by children and, with a splash of something stronger, adults alike! Even better, our Drinking Fudge is just as delicious with non-dairy alternatives such as oat or soya milk.

Drinking Fudge

Warming Drinking Fudge

3Working with the season for your floral arrangement

Winter weddings can be remembered for their timeless beauty. Using the season allows your florist to really use their imagination to create something special. Heather, from Heather & B Florists, says:

Using seasonal foliage, berries, crisp white blooms or rich pops of colour enriches your wedding bouquet. Adding what is readily available to a bouquet; winter cones, frosted berries, ivy and holly, truly embraces the season.

  1. Seasonal menu

Reflect the time of year in your menu; from warming soups, think chestnuts, parsnips, even pumpkin, to comforting puddings. For something sweeter, we love our Fudge Sauce warmed with sponges and even winter tarts. The ultimate indulgence packed full of rich flavour.

Winter dessert with fudge sauce

Winter tart with stem ginger sauce

  1. Radiant skin for your big day

Colder months can mean dull skin. Louise McIntosh, MUA says:

Prepare your skin early! I always recommend using a richer moisturiser with a serum underneath to help really penetrate the skin. Pick a dewier finish for your base and keep eyes, lips and cheeks soft and pretty.

  1. The biggest thing of all, the venue!

Jade Spencer from Broome Park Hotel recommends looking for large indoor spaces, especially those with real fires.

Beat the cold and ensure you have a vast amount of inside space with lots of features for your photographs. Real fires fit this bill and offer a touch of traditional warmth to your special day. Also, don’t be afraid of winterwear! Faux fur is both fashionable and practical to include in both your bridal gown and bridesmaids’ dresses. For the chaps, keep them warm with a tweed waistcoat.

  1. Create a lasting memory with seasonal personalisation

Stephanie Fittall, from Im and Er Wedding Signs is an expert in all things personalisation:

To achieve that winter wonderland that doesn’t look like your everyday wedding, we would highly recommend that you go personalised with as much detail as possible. To keep in with your winter vibe, you can use logs for so many things. Signs, table pieces and even back drops like ours, think of a flower wall, which is perfect in summer, but not as fitting in the colder months.

For the log back drops, we cut and de-bark by our very own hands and secure everything into place with love and care. Then we place a large log slice in the middle with both your initials on to make it your own. You can add foliage to create a unique look to the wall that will just be for you. With winter styling you want to make it wild but effortless. Use wild flowers and plenty of ivy draped over everything. We love using ivy! And best of all, it’s free, take a stroll in the countryside and I can guarantee that you will stumble across tonnes of it.

Ceremony background

Log back drop for ceremonies & events

We’d definitely recommend local craft fairs and you will be sure to get some unique makes that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Etsy hold a national event in the first weekend of December called Etsy Made Local, so find your nearest event and give it a go. You will also be supporting local small businesses by doing that and that’s always good for the soul.

  1. Festive touches

These don’t have to be gaudy, green, red or gold! Add a sophisticated nod to the time of year in your favours using the power of taste. Perhaps our Speculoos Caramels or little twists of Mince Pie Fudge, packed with dried fruit and mixed spice, for your guests.

  1. Mistletoe

Need we say more?

What festive touches are you planning for your big day?

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